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Horticraft Holland: Avant-Garde Horticulture

At the end of 2017, the population of the world will hit 7.6 billion. It is expected to reach 11.2 billion by 2100. With the ever growing population and the increase of residential areas, it is imperative to use advanced technology for sufficient food production.

Intelligent farming methods would include the optimal usage of agricultural land, rooftop farming, city farming, use of green technology, hybridization, etc. One such potential farming method is LED based horticulture.

Horticraft Holland brings in this technology with far greater enhancements – greater lifespan, lesser power usage, fireproof panels and much more.

It is our mission to mitigate World Hunger, at least as much as we can, using intelligent horticulture. Fueled with our vision, we have launched our B2B inventory to reach as many agriculturists as possible.

Professional Greenhouse Farmers

Feeding the world is a noble profession. With Horticraft Holland LEDs, you will not only increase your yield, you will also enhance its quality. Though our LEDs produce light only of those frequencies which are required by plants, when combined together, they give the brilliant blaze of sunlight. White light is the combination of light of different frequencies –our LEDs produce white light as good as sunlight. This mimics the natural habitat of crops helping them grow better. For professional greenhouse agriculturists, this is a blessing – you can worry about more pressing issues.


Coupled with optimal light utilization, our LED plant lights have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. That’s over five years! They also use 40% lesser power than grow lights. Our lighting fixtures are IP65 certified and have a built-in fail-proof short circuit protection. There is no question of a fire hazard. What’s more, our lighting fixtures are individualized as per requirement, so as not produce too a concentrated or too a weak beam. We also have a full 5-year warranty, with free maintenance, just so you can invest risk-free!

If a one-time low cost investment with 40% greater yield, 40% lower power bills, built-fire protection, and higher quality production that will have you farming for five years interests you, Horticraft Holland LED fixtures are for you. To know more, contact us now.

Wholesale Businesses And Distributors

Whole sale businesses flourish only if product quality is at its best. If you are a distributor, you would want to sell LED full spectrum grow lights that come with warranty, life-span, increase production and crop quality, thereby giving you a steady flow of retailers.  At Horticraft Holland, we spent years investigating and developing technology that can provide the standard customers look for.

We have developed lighting systems that are IP65 certified, have no moving parts and are passively cooled. Our fixtures are also energy efficient and do not produce heat. Retailers look for brands that are safe, certified and provide what their customers look for. We fit the bill!

To qualify for wholesale purchasing of our products, you would need to be operating your own store wherein you directly sell to retailers. You will also have to place an order for our minimum wholesale purchasing quantity. To know more about our wholesale policies, please contact us through our contact form.

Online Retailers

E-commerce is the business of tomorrow. Online retailers can reach anywhere and everywhere in the world - which is why the goods provided should be of exemplary quality. Our LED fixtures will help you gain more customers and get you a greater sell-out – not just because of their quality, but because of their efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Owing to our dedication to reach millions and increase high quality crop yield, we are interested in selling to online retailers. If you have an online retail store and our interested in selling agricultural aids, don't hesitate to contact us.


Retail Shops

We are committed to increasing high quality crop yield throughout the world. Our dream is only achievable through the maximum distribution of our products. Retailers who look for commendable products that provide their customers long term satisfaction require our products. Not only will you have happy customers, but they will tell others they know and increase your popularity as a respectable retailer selling high quality LED fixtures.

To qualify for reselling our products, you will be required to operate your own registered retail craft business. This means you’ll have to have a brick and mortar set-up that sells directly to consumers. Your business license and resellers’ permit will also be verified at the time of purchase.

If you are a retailer, to place an order with us, you will have to purchase a minimum quantity which is incredibly low – to support small time businessmen – either online or onsite. For more info or to purchase, kindly reach us.


Our affiliate system has been created in line with our vision. The heart of any business is creating a service or product that solves a societal problem. In trying to reach as many agriculturists as possible, we have set up our affiliate system.

With certified and tested LED fixtures set up on your blog or website, your visitors would realize the quality they need to look for in the market. Our affiliates will earn a commission out of every sale they make and we will be happy that we are able to reach out to the world.

As opposed to the “standard” LED fixtures available in the market, our panels deliver what they promise. We provide the highest quality lighting in the market. Our fixtures have proven to increase higher yields by 40%!

If you are an agriculturist or you know someone who is an agriculturist, you might be interested in our affiliate program. Guaranteed higher quality yield with lower bills and a one-time investment is probably what every agriculturist is looking for. Become an affiliate to Horticraft Holland and join us in our undertaking to reach as many as we can to end world hunger.

To become an affiliate, you will have to set up your affiliate account. You’ll be provided with advertising material that can be posted upon your website. If interested, please reach us by filling in our contact form.

Note: Our affiliate platform has not been set up yet, but don’t worry, we are working on it!

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