Light Plan Configurator





With the indoor grow lights of Horticraft Holland the heat issues are out of the way and the light emitting frequency is optimal. The only other factor for the perfect light implementation in your garden or greenhouse is light intensity. PAR light, as explained on our advantages page, is part of the light spectrum that drives photosynthesis which is measured in Umol. The aim is to create an even light distribution on your crops without over saturated or under lighted spots within your field. Each crop have different light intensity needs.


With this light plan configurator you can find out exactly where to place each fixture to get the optimal light distribution at your desired light intensity. This handy tool allows you to visualize your optimal light planning strategy for grow areas of almost any form.


First draw the footprint of your grow area. Keep in mind the grid map represents a surface area of 600x400cm. If your grow area is larger, then divide your grow area in sections that fit the grid map. Add any type and any amount of fixtures to the map and place it at your desired locations. The minimum height from light source to canopy of our fixtures is 30cm at full power. Any closer highly increases the risk of causing heat issues to your crops unless the light source is dimmed. As a rule of thumb, any percentage in decrease of height equals the percentage of dimming needed. However the minimum height in the configurator is 30cm. Depending on the type of crop, place your fixtures in such a way that will give optimal light spread at your desired light intensity. One would assume the optimal light intensity would be around the saturation point for your crop. In a sense this is correct. However this only applies when all other factors of cultivation are optimal too. The rate of successful crop cultivation is as high as the weakest link. You can have the maximum light intensity for your crops, it will not help if things are not optimal in other departments of cultivation. In the worst case, it could even hurt your crops. Only maximize light intensity if you’re confident everything else is done optimal. In all other cases it’s safer to plan your light intensity at a lower level. The chart on the right of the map is a good indicator for light intensity levels.


Disclaimer: The purpose of this tool is to provide the user an easy way to plan their lighting strategy of our LED grow light fixtures. This tool is not usable for light fixtures other than indoor grow lights of Horticraft Holland. The light intensity values are an approximation of the true values due to the complexity precise measuring and many other factors. Nevertheless the representation is adequate enough for efficient light planning. No rights can be obtained from using this tool.