Horticraft Holland LED fixtures VS HPS growlight


Power savings

Imagine being able to slash energy costs by at least 40%. By switching to our revolutionary LED fixtures, greenhouses are becoming more energy efficient while saving money that could be utilized elsewhere within the organization or home projects. Energy is often the largest expenditure of greenhouses and our authentic LED fixtures can trim those expenses significantly.


Long lifespan

One of the greatest benefits to our LED grow lights is their lifespan of 50,000 - 100,000 hours. This means that you could run our LED grow lights 24 hours a day for over 5 years straight without worrying about replacing your bulbs or significant reduction in light intensity. This level of efficiency and reliability is unmatched in the market and can save you as significant amount of money.


Higher Profit

The overall quality of our system also allows for higher quality crops, fast crop cycles and higher yields. This translates in 40% higher profits compared to HPS lights with the same power output.  And this is without taking in account the savings like longer lifespan, lower climate control costs and having no maintenance costs when using our LED light fixtures! See your profits soar to new heights!


Optimum light spectrum emittance for photosynthesis

Not only are our LED fixtures energy efficient, but they are also reliable. The light frequency emitted from traditional HPS assimilation lights are only in a specific region of the light spectrum that is usable for photosynthesis which is called PAR. It mostly emits light in the less efficient part of the PAR spectrum and performs poorly in important parts of the PAR spectrum like Chlorophyll A and B. Only due to sheer power this obsolete technology could perform. HPS fixtures are very inefficient due to this reason. Our LED fixtures address this common issue by emitting an optimal light wavelength spectrum that allows crops to carry out photosynthesis without a lot light and energy being wasted. Almost all of the light frequency emitted by our LED diodes is usable for photosynthesis and falls within the McCree Curve. This curve as shown in the chart above represents the average effective photosynthesis frequency of 22 different crops. A common misconception made by some LED grow light companies is their focus on chlorophyll A and B. Crops will grow but there's much more to photosynthesis other than chlorophyll A and B. LED lights optimized to the McCree Curve will grow crops that are lush, bigger and more healthy. Your crops will thank you!

Modular and optimal light footprint

Many of the competing LED fixtures on the market perform poorly in independent tests due to a variety of reasons. Often, their systems are not tailored to the individual user meaning that the light distribution is either too weak or too concentrated, both of which are not healthy for the crops. The experts at Horticraft Holland have designed LED fixtures that meet every need of the consumer. Our well-thought-out design allows users to focus on more pressing needs in their greenhouses. We have taken stress out of light planning by designing a system that is optimal for each individual user. Visit our light plan configurator and start creating your optimal light footprint for your grow area.

Higher quality crops

Horticraft Holland is dedicated to providing users of our LED fixtures with the highest quality lighting on the market. Our innovative LED lighting design has rendered HPS assimilation lamps obsolete given the difference in lighting quality. Not only do our LED fixtures produce higher quality lighting, but they also can fight against harmful and unsightly mold and mildew that are often found in other greenhouses. Many studies have found that the red wavelength light emittance found in LED fixtures like ours suppress the growth and development of mildew. This mean using less or even no harmful counter measures on your crops to keep the mildew away!

Using LED fixtures can also increase the vitamin C found in tomatoes by upwards of 100%! By using our LED fixtures, you can have a system that provides lighting with an optimally matched color spectrum which will allow for healthier and higher quality crop harvesting.

Low heat & Fireproof

A common fear for those who own greenhouses is the thought of their lighting equipment overheating. With traditional HPS grow lights reaching temperatures of over 400 degrees Celsius, it is easy to see why there are safety and health concerns. This extreme heat causes a high level of heat radiance which is not healthy for the crops.

Horticraft Holland’s LED lighting fixtures operate at an average temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, making them optimal for usage in greenhouses. This low operating temperature provides users of our lights assurance that the fixtures will not cause any fire hazard. Our LED fixtures are IP65 certified and come with short-circuit protection.

When looking at each watt used in a HPS bulb, the bulb produces an average of over 75% heat leaving only 25% for the actual light. Of this percentage of heat, most that heat is IR radiation that radiates down into the canopy causing all kinds heat issues. And of this percentage of light, only just over half of HPS grow light emittance is actually usable light for photosynthesis.

Our LED fixtures, on the other hand, have been masterfully created to produce only 40% heat with 60% light. Most of this heat is extracted to the heat sinks and discharged upwards. Our LED fixtures produce light that is over 98% usable light for photosynthesis. At Horticraft Holland, we strive for energy efficiency and that is what we deliver to the users of our systems.  Less waste, more harvest!

HPS Growlight
Horticraft Holland LED
HPS Growlight
% heat
Horticraft Holland LED
% heat
HPS Growlight
% usable light
Horticraft Holland LED
% usable light

Maintenance Free

The most enjoyable aspect of owning a greenhouse is watching the crops you tend to grow over time. Why waste time and money on a lighting system that requires frequent inspection and maintenance? Not to mention the various disastrous scenarios if an active cooling fan would fail! Compared to other LED fixtures on the market, our LED fixtures offer users the ultimate user experience. While other LED fixtures often require cleaning, maintenance, and inspection on the many moving parts within the system, Horticraft Holland’s LED fixtures have no moving parts resulting in no issues of overheating, they are maintenance free, and make no noise. Get back to doing what you love and allow our LED systems do all the work for you!

Industrial grade

If you want to install premium LED fixtures, Horticraft Holland should be your last stop. Our LED fixtures are masterfully designed to be used in the greenhouse horticultural industry in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has some of the highest standards and requirements in the world when it comes to the greenhouse horticultural industry. We only accept the highest standards at Horticraft Holland, and we expect the same for the users of our systems. This is why we have produced lighting systems that meet and exceed these standards. They are also IP65 certified and passively cooled, thus contain no moving parts.

Lower climate control costs

Due to the low operating temperatures of our LED fixtures, lower climate control costs are taken on by the users of our systems. Less heat is emitted which results in climate control equipment being used less frequently and at lower levels. Our LED fixtures save energy and money in both the short term and long term, and climate control costs is one of the ways that we can save you money on your greenhouse costs.

Water savings

Along with the energy saving that come with our LED fixtures, the lower heat production of our systems allows for the water within the greenhouse to be used more efficiently by the crops. Instead of evaporating at the high temperatures caused by traditional lighting systems, our LED fixtures offer users the chance to save up to 50% of the water that they typically use with other lighting systems. By saving water, you are not only cutting costs but you are also cutting waste.

Normal daylight for the human eye

Traditional HPS assimilation lamps produce a dark yellow light which makes it difficult to examine your crops. With the naked eye some plant issues are harder or even impossible to identify. No need for special goggles anymore. Horticraft Holland lighting systems produce a full spectrum of color, which translates into them producing a white light which our eyes perceive as normal daylight. It will make it so much easier to study and examine your crops. And due to the fact this type of light is less notable, a lot of home growers prefer this type of light which is the reason why our systems have been successful. 

Fast ROI (return on investment)

One of the remarkable benefits of installing our LED fixtures is the fast return on investment that our systems provide. Return on investment, or ROI, is a crucial factor to look at when individuals or companies invest any amount of money into a business. When it comes to our LED fixtures, ROI comes in quickly and in a constant stream that will only increase with each passing year. Our LED fixtures offer lower costs across the board including: lower energy costs, reduction of waste, lower climate control costs, lower water costs, as well as having our fixtures lasting a long period of time and the fact that there are next to zero maintenance costs.

Cost is only one aspect of your ROI. Not only will our LED fixtures cut costs, but they will also increase production and revenue. Higher quality crops and higher yields will produce better financial results for users of our LED fixtures.


Horticraft Holland is a leading brand that values quality and loyalty. Our LED fixtures are designed to last for years, and we provide a full 2-year warranty on the LED driver as well as a full 5-year warranty on the fixture and LED diodes, which indicates that our warranty covers the entire lifespan of the product itself. This warranty covers any risk associated with installing our LED fixtures and allows users the opportunity to experience all of the benefits that our systems can provide.

Horticraft Holland LED VS low power LED

Full spectrum LED grow lights

Horticraft Holland is on the cutting edge when it comes to research and development into the spectrum of light used in its LED fixtures. While most LED growlight companies still use just a fraction of the light spectrum, Horticraft Holland believes that the light spectrum of the sun is the optimal spectrum needed for crops to flourish. Many companies use only the red and blue wavelengths on the spectrum which is evident from the purple color that emits from their grow lights. However, the LED fixtures that we produce emit wavelengths beyond the spectrum used by our competitors so that crops can experience light similar to that of daylight. While our lights do emit wavelengths beyond what others offer, our lighting fixtures are still as efficient as possible. There are still new discoveries and developments being made concerning photosynthesis and we design our products at Horticraft Holland to keep up with the latest developments. With LED fixtures from Horticraft Holland, you are getting a product that contains the latest technology and all of the latest developments in the world of botany!

Best of two worlds

A COB, or chips on board, is a technological packaging unit that allows for many tiny LEDs to be placed closely together on a single board. These tiny LEDs, when in use, appear to create one brilliant light source. This technology allows the lights from these units to reach deep into the canopy and provide the lights that crops need to grow and sustain. This powerful technology has revolutionized the industry and Horticraft Holland has designed a lighting system that is both powerful and efficient. Our full spectrum LED grow lights offer the best of both HPS and low power LED diodes while providing many advantages that neither have at the moment! Horticraft Holland provides only the highest quality LED fixtures and is always looking for ways to improve upon its already stellar products.

More performance pay less

Horticraft Holland offers high performing products at prices that everyday consumers can afford. That is where we separate ourselves from the competition. We not only compete and beat the competition on quality and performance, we also beat out the competition on pricing. Horticraft Holland’s LED fixtures have no need for the many accessories that others in the market offer. When purchasing our lighting systems, there is no need for casing, cooling systems, hundreds of pricy diodes, maintenance, or other needless accessories. Our products have been designed to address these common issues with growlight systems and we are passing the savings on to you, the consumer.
Here at Horticraft Holland, we offer high quality and high-performance LED fixtures that will save you money in both the short term and long term. Become more efficient today!