Horticraft Holland


We give you the best LED grow lights to watch your crops grow…
For over fifteen years, our team of experts at Horticraft Holland has been at the forefront of indoor LED grow lighting and advanced cultivation techniques, like aeroponics. We are based in Holland, which leads the world in greenhouse technology. As a result, we have spent nearly two decades gaining a competitive edge in the horticulture industry

Trusted Expertise from Design Studio to Garden
Our unique background in LED light design and plant science sets our company above the rest. We get out of the design studio and into the garden for hands-on understanding of the needs of our clients. We deliver practical, research-backed lighting solutions with guaranteed consistency and reliability for better crop yields..

The Evolution of Light Technology

We also utilize our vast knowledge of LED technology to improve greenhouse performance. With a recent explosion in technological advances, we are changing with the times to remain the Vanguard of Greenhouse Lighting. At Horticraft Holland, we create better lighting strategies that combine efficiency with utility. We have spent years of research, testing and development to produce our trusted design, and we continue to push the boundaries of what LED grow lights can do for you.

Innovation in the Best Light

As we bring together a trifecta of sophisticated engineering, botanic expertise and proven results, we are proud to introduce an innovative LED grow light guaranteed to change the way you see the greenhouse. Our clients are growing the finest quality plants, extraordinary yields, and are utilizing top notch LED grow light solutions to propel the notion of exactly what it means to discover excellent returns, through revolutionary strategies facilitated by light. We look forward to providing home growers with industrial-grade, best LED grow lights to help you see larger crop yields, better growing conditions and the higher efficiency from start to finish.