Innovative LED grow lights for the horticulture industry

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One-Of-A-Kind LED Grow Lights!

Innovative Technology, State-Of-The-Art Design

We have engineered the future of gardening.
With our revolutionary LED grow lights, see your garden thrive and maximize production.

Are you someone who is really passionate about indoor horticulture and are looking for vivid LED grow lights for vivid plants? Would you like to get access to full spectrum LED grow lights that could help you save up to 40% while promising significantly higher quality and yield of crops?
Our trusted design helps you regulate the light-shadow ratio of vegetation dynamics. Give your plants the benefit of LED lighting that runs cooler and more efficiently than traditional HID lights. We also ensure the stability of our industrial-grade LED light fixtures, which are tested for years of remarkable efficacy.
Premium Products; Long Lifespan!
Using revolutionary technology, we have developed a LED grow light that provides energy and boosts plant signal processing. The best part is that these LED lights operate only at 65 degree Celsius, making them infeasible to cause fire. IP65 certified and backed up with short-circuit protection, these lights are maintenance free and completely silent.
Maximize the PAR wavelengths to see noticeable results faster.
Turn your greenhouse into the ideal environment for healthy plants. Our energy-efficient LED lights run cooler and use less energy than traditional lights. The unique design allows you to easily create a lighting schedule that mimics natural sun. Also, meet specific light requirements throughout the growing cycle, and adjust light intensity to best suit your needs.
Reap the advantage of a lighting system that puts full control at your fingertips. With Horticraft Holland LED grow lighting solutions, improve every aspect of your growing experience with nature’s best plant ally.

Let there be light.



What are grow lights?


A ‘grow light’ is an artificial light that is designed to stimulate photosynthesis necessary for optimal growth of plants. The process of photosynthesis is stimulated through the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by the grow light.


Use of artificial lights for indoor horticulture


Indoor horticulture is completely dependent on artificial lights for photosynthesis of the plants being grown and for their optimal growth. Ongoing research on photosynthesis throws out new and emerging details on various aspects on a continuous basis. No one knows for sure as to what all is yet to be explored or discovered in this regard. Under these circumstances, it is only logical to assume that the color wavelength of the sun is what plants ideally need to flourish in a natural and optimal way. Though this view may be challenged by some people, we believe that full spectrum LED grow lights are the most suitable source of artificial lighting for indoor plants and the plants which need supplemental lighting for photosynthesis.


Horticraft Holland


Horticraft Holland is involved in the research and manufacture of innovative industrial grade LED light fixtures for the horticulture industry. We manufacture and market full spectrum LED grow lights and some of the world’s best LED grow lights.


Our latest innovative product


We have recently developed an innovative LED light for growing fruits and vegetables indoors. This product is based on the technology of providing a full spectrum color wavelength.

Earlier technologies available were based on the belief that only wavelengths red and blue of the light color spectrum were required for photosynthesis. These LED grow lights are easily distinguable by the purple light it emits. However, our innovative full spectrum LED grow lights emit light of the full visible light spectrum. Although it emits far less wavelengths outside of red and blue, we believe like the sun provides too these wavelengths are still needed for plants to flurish optimal. This ensures optimum growth and flourishing of the plants grown indoors or where natural light is found insufficient and LED grow lights are used for supplementing the natural light.


Best LED grow lights for the domestic sector


Our latest LED grow light fixture which has been developed specifically for the horticulture industry is now also available for the domestic sector at highly competitive rates. You get to use the latest technology at very nominal costs.